College Fashion Week Chicago

Last month I had the awesome opportunity to walk in Her Campus‘s College Fashion Week show in Chicago! I basically applied not thinking I would be called back, yet there I was on the morning of the show freaking out about walking down a narrow runway in front of a huge audience! Initially, I said yes to the opportunity because of the perks of getting free hair, makeup, and food. Like that sounds like a day of pampering and relaxation to me. But of course, I forgot about the most important part: THE ACTUAL SHOW.
HOWEVER! I had so much fun! Those feelings of nervousness and anxiety faded as soon as I met some of the girls who were also in the show! Being backstage is where I want to be from now on! The ladies doing our hair from Dry Bar gave me the best tips on how to curl my hair (hairspray before curling, WHO KNEW?!) and the ladies doing my makeup were so much fun! I’ve been interested in makeup for the longest time, and their tip on keeping things clean with simple eyeliner and no eyeshadow is one I’ll definitely remember. THE MOST AMAZING PART was getting a cute swag bag filled with a Fitbit and the new Rihanna perfume, as well as keeping the clothes from my first look. 
The OVERALL message I’m trying to explain with this long story is to never be afraid to try something new! Even if you feel nervous, you never know the outcome of a situation. Going to an event where you know no one can end up being one of most memorable nights of your life!
Thanks for reading! 

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