Spooky Gallery Wall | Ideas and DIY Guide


Creating a cool gallery wall is easier than it looks! I really thought about my aesthetic and my favorite things. I also tried to keep a color scheme of black, white, and red.


I purchased an Alexander McQueen Calendar when I was in NYC at the Met’s Exhibition of Savage Beauty a couple of years ago. I decided to frame two of the pictures that worked with other elements of my gallery wall. The antler jacket matched my chrome gazelle hook, and the Scottish kilt dress matched the reds and greens in the Phantom of the Opera poster.


I wanted to leave space in the middle to highlight the smaller pieces, such as the plates and the air plant house. I also liked adding in some phrases in order to break up some of the images.

Fun Fact: The frame that states “Of course, there’s always my way…” is a quote from the beginning of the Haunted Mansion ride, which is my favorite!


Some of my favorite spooky gallery wall finds under $50:

Smoke Blue Antlers Wall Decor • Pier 1 Imports • $39.98

Asstd National Brand Stratton Home Dcor Black Baroque Mirror • Asstd National Brand • $47

Melody Rose – Skull In Red Crown Side Plate • £21.35

Merci Merci La Lune Art Print • Urban Outfitters • $19–199

Set Of 2 Trigg Small Wall Vases • CB2 • $24.95

Dormify Sketch Skull Print • Dormify • $15–29.99


In between Tim Burton and Hello Kitty…


Very often I find myself between a binary that typically doesn’t come together. On one hand I love spooky vibes like skulls, Tim Burton films, the band Sisters of Mercy, and many other dark aesthetics. On the other hand, I also love girly aesthetics such as light pink, Hello Kitty, and Gossip Girl.

Both styles were present while I was growing up, but recently I’ve learned to incorporate both aspects into my personal style. Piecing together my own unique style was as difficult as solving a 10,000 piece puzzle. I often got comments on how I wore all black one day and a pink sundress the next day. Instead of dressing with one binary in mind, I learned to incorporate both vibes into single outfits as well as my own room decor.


For example, pairing a pillow that says “Good Morning Gorgeous” in gold script with a pillow with an anatomical skull on it displays my style perfectly. Pairing my Marilyn Manson T-shirt with a full face of makeup, contour and all, is another way I combine my own unique style. Gossip Girl and American Horror Story will also always be some of my favorite shows, to which I no longer need an explanation.

Hiding the darker side of my style often faced me with feelings of incompleteness. Giving myself a chance to explore my love of everything spooky provides me with self-acceptance. Don’t let anyone put you in a box or limit you to a certain aesthetic. Let yourself explore your own unique style or vibe!

Mystical Room Vibes


While decorating my new apartment bedroom I thought about the vibe I wanted my room to have. Definitely spooky, with touches of old world elegance. Collecting beautiful pieces with skulls and other spooky aspects is something I can typically only do during October. However, every year during Halloween time I rummage through T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshall’s for the perfect spooky and elegant decor!

Creating a space where I can display my own personality made decorating  super fun! Pinterest is the best place to cultivate decor vibes as well as other fun DIY ideas for your apartment or bedroom. I currently have a bedroom Pinterest board as well as a spooky vibes Pinterest board where I can sort through items to create a mood for my room.


I’m currently working on a spooky gallery wall, and will post on the finished project! I’d love to see other room decor vibes as well so make sure to comment your style! I’ve often thought my spooky and elegant style was hard to work with, but once I started to collect specific items for my room everything came together.