In between Tim Burton and Hello Kitty…


Very often I find myself between a binary that typically doesn’t come together. On one hand I love spooky vibes like skulls, Tim Burton films, the band Sisters of Mercy, and many other dark aesthetics. On the other hand, I also love girly aesthetics such as light pink, Hello Kitty, and Gossip Girl.

Both styles were present while I was growing up, but recently I’ve learned to incorporate both aspects into my personal style. Piecing together my own unique style was as difficult as solving a 10,000 piece puzzle. I often got comments on how I wore all black one day and a pink sundress the next day. Instead of dressing with one binary in mind, I learned to incorporate both vibes into single outfits as well as my own room decor.


For example, pairing a pillow that says “Good Morning Gorgeous” in gold script with a pillow with an anatomical skull on it displays my style perfectly. Pairing my Marilyn Manson T-shirt with a full face of makeup, contour and all, is another way I combine my own unique style. Gossip Girl and American Horror Story will also always be some of my favorite shows, to which I no longer need an explanation.

Hiding the darker side of my style often faced me with feelings of incompleteness. Giving myself a chance to explore my love of everything spooky provides me with self-acceptance. Don’t let anyone put you in a box or limit you to a certain aesthetic. Let yourself explore your own unique style or vibe!


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