Mystical Room Vibes


While decorating my new apartment bedroom I thought about the vibe I wanted my room to have. Definitely spooky, with touches of old world elegance. Collecting beautiful pieces with skulls and other spooky aspects is something I can typically only do during October. However, every year during Halloween time I rummage through T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshall’s for the perfect spooky and elegant decor!

Creating a space where I can display my own personality made decorating  super fun! Pinterest is the best place to cultivate decor vibes as well as other fun DIY ideas for your apartment or bedroom. I currently have a bedroom Pinterest board as well as a spooky vibes Pinterest board where I can sort through items to create a mood for my room.


I’m currently working on a spooky gallery wall, and will post on the finished project! I’d love to see other room decor vibes as well so make sure to comment your style! I’ve often thought my spooky and elegant style was hard to work with, but once I started to collect specific items for my room everything came together.



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