Preparing for winter when you’re from California…


Originally from Los Angeles, California, I moved to Chicago thinking about how cool it would be to experience a REAL city with REAL subway systems and REAL life on my own. I completely forgot about the different climate part. Buying winter clothes in California was easier than I thought it would be, because of the outlets near Camarillo that sell items for people taking vacations to ski or snowboard. Shopping for winter clothes still seemed fun at the time (because who doesn’t want a new wardrobe!?) 

Here is a list of tips I’ve learned from the past few winters I’ve experience without ever have been in snow before moving…
Even if your building has heat, you save so much more money with a mini space heater! I got mine from Amazon and literally found it so much easier to EXIST with one.
Layering is a MUST!! Honestly, I probably wear leggings, jeans, boots at the same time. I ALSO pack on a tank top, long sleeve, puffy winter coat, and gloves. ALWAYS HAVE GLOVES WITH YOU.
Dragging myself to class when there’s snow outside is the hardest thing for me! I’ve even decided this coming winter quarter to take one online class so I only have to walk to three classes. Bringing hot tea with me in those cute David’s Tea or Teavana tea tumblers is like a reward for going through all that cold weather. 
I’ve noticed that every winter, with less sun, I get a little more moody or sad. My first winter in Chicago I was talking to my mom about it and she suggested that I go to a tanning salon. I know this sounds so weird but keep reading. So, I went into the tanning salon and laid in the bed with the lowest setting for the least amount of time (15 minutes I think) and felt REVIVED AFTER. Being from California, I’m used to sun all year long and without it I get so cranky!
My final tip might be a no-brainer to some, but it took me a while to realize. Being cooped up inside really gets your stress and anxiety levels up sometimes. Picking a new hobby or craft that you can enjoy indoors really helps lower those stress levels. Last year, while drowning in both Chemistry and Biology class homework loads, I figured out that I’m really interested in trying new recipes! I love cooking, who knew? 
Thanks for reading!!

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